2018 - 2019 DEF Grant Cycles

Thanks to your generosity, DEF was able to fund 24 engaging teacher projects through our 2018-2019 grant cycles: 9 Curriculum Enhancement/Resource Projects, 8 Digital Technology Projects, 5 Field Trip Grants, and 2 Projects to support mental-health awareness.

Congratulations to the 2018 Fall & 2019 Spring Grant Cycle Teacher Recipients:

Hollie Writtenberry-Lewis, Manteo Elementary School, “Uke can do it!”

Mollee Holloman & Holly King, Dare to Innovate/Manteo Elementary/Manteo Middle Schools, “Professional Literature Lending Library”

Solomon Dixon, First Flight Middle School, “First Flight Disc Challenge”

Helen Corbett, Manteo Elementary School, “Freedom to Choose: Flexible Seating Program”

Suzanne Blackstock, First Flight Middle School, “From Tech to Text”

Douglas Potter, Nags Head Elementary School, “NHES, CSI Science Partnership”

Evan Ferguson & Erin DelMonte, Cape Hatteras Secondary School, “Homegrown in NC - Food and Life Science STEM Connections”

Christine Spinella, Manteo Middle School, “Makey Makey STEM Station”

Raleigh Hudock, Manteo High School, “Mimio Touch Interactive System”

Charlotte Hester, Manteo Elementary School, “Let’s Roll”

Samuel DeWitt, First Flight High School, “SmartBoard for Classroom”

Solomon Dixon, First Flight Middle School, “First Flight Geo Race”

Charlotte Hester, Manteo Elementary School, “Get on the Ball with Spheros”

Mollee Holloman & Holly King, Dare to Innovate/Manteo Elementary/Manteo Middle Schools, “Digital Tools Lending Library”

Jessica Taylor, Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research, “Dolphin Genetics”

Elaine Marrion, First Flight Middle School, “STEAM Space”

Carrie Houseknecht, Manteo Middle School, “Be well and BE BRAVE”

Triva Day, Manteo Middle School, “Ignite a Love of Learning”

Mary Beth Carlton, Manteo Middle School, “Readtopia Literacy Curriculum Pilot Year”

Ellen Bryson, Kitty Hawk Elementary School, “The Deepest Well”

Brad Bentley, Manteo Middle School, “The Outsiders”

Ralph Cleaver, Manteo High School, “AVID Program Field Trip”

Teresa Edwards, Manteo Middle School, “Off Island”

Ricki Stewart, First Flight Middle School, “AVID”

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DEF-ining Moments

Hunter Haskett is a senior editor of First Flight High School’s Nighthawk News Magazine and wrote this story in partnership between DEF and the newspaper staff.


Building Engaged Schools (BES)

Volunteer Initiative, Facilitated Program Partnership

Dare Education Foundation is thrilled to partner with the Strengths-Finder Volunteer Initiative, Building Engaged Schools (BES). BES brings strength-based teaching and learning to DCS students, teachers and leaders. Click Here to read more about this meaningful program.


Teacher Certification Endeavors

DEF is proud to offer supplemental support for DCS teacher endeavors in Master's and PhD Programs, Praxis Certification Exam, National Boards Initial or Renewal Applications, as well as Professional Learning Conference Opportunities. During the 2018-2019 school year DEF has awarded all applications submitted.