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Why Support DEF

Together We Touch The Future
Whether you are just starting out in life and haven't contemplated having children yet, or whether you are purposefully or circumstantially childless at a later stage in life, our future - yours and mine - is born out of the classrooms of Dare County Schools.

Today's students will soon become your future employees and co-workers, professionals managing your money and/or providing your medical care, and community leaders making decisions that potentially impact all facets of your life.

Great schools benefit not only "someone else's children" but the quality of life you enjoy in our area. They are one of the best indicators of a strong and vibrant community and correlate with reduced crime, better healthcare, additional cultural experiences and a more diverse range of community services and activities.

These elements also contribute to the economic vitality of our region by improving the quality of our tax base and by continuing to attract visitors and new residents.

Further, we know that a solid education doesn't end at graduation, it continues to benefit an individual throughout a lifetime. But, that benefit can also inure to a much larger cross-section of the population than just that scholar. For example, a child that goes on to become a doctor that gets involved in genome sequencing and through that work helps to develop an anti-viral medication to help fight AIDS.

We have a social responsibility to encourage and support future generations and those less fortunate. Imagine that out of your donations, in addition to an immediate sense of satisfaction, you could be helping to mold a student that later finds a cure for cancer or develops engineering standards that save a town in a natural disaster zone, etc.

The mission of the Dare Education Foundation (DEF) is to promote excellence in education through active partnership with the community. With your help, we'll improve the quality of everyone's life on the Outer Banks, including your own. Click here to become a member today or contact us about other opportunities for you to get involved and share your time or talents!