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Welcome to Dare! (Affordable Teacher Housing)

Our affordable teacher housing complexes, Run Hill Ridge and Hatteras Teacher Housing, are proven recruitment and retention tools, enabling Dare County Schools (DCS) to hire and keep highly qualified teachers in our classrooms.

Run Hill Ridge is a 24-unit apartment complex located adjacent to the First Flight Schools campus in Kill Devil Hills. Hatteras Teacher Housing is a 12-unit complex located adjacent to the soccer field and the former Coast Guard station. Interest-free loans from the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union Foundation facilitated the construction of both projects. (Naming opportunities are still available for both projects! Contact us for more information.)

Rented below market value at $750 per month, the 2-bedroom, 2-bath units are an affordable option for teachers who may not otherwise be able to afford to live in Dare County. Also, being able to consistently maintain the rents below market value has been a valuable benefit given that the teachers have only received one cost of living increase or pay raise over the last 5 years.

Twenty-two (22) new teacher recruits from other districts or states have been tenants of Run Hill Ridge over the past three years. And in our newly completed Hatteras Housing, there are currently five (5) teachers which were new recruits from other states or districts. These teachers have reported that they depended upon these housing initiatives in order to be able to move to Dare County and accept the position being offered them.

The housing has also assisted DCS in recruiting teachers for positions that are desperately needed, yet are more difficult to fill, such as foreign languages, advanced math, technology and special needs. In fact, the apartments have helped DCS build a foreign language program, particularly the elementary Spanish and ESL programs.

Further, these complexes have provided an opportunity for graduates of DCS to be able to move back to the area and afford to live here independently. These tenants, who are already heavily invested in our community and our schools, have said that they either would not have been able to afford to return to Dare County to teach at all, or they would have had to continue living with their parents in order to have been able to do so.

For more information, please contact Executive Director, Elisabeth Piff, at 252.255.5545 or email me.