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Dare To Shape Your Industry

Education IS Your Business
Good people. Constructive relationships. A wide range of knowledge. Flexible skills. A strong work ethic. In business, these are key elements to getting the job done. Your best employees are those with a solid educational background. They come equipped to do the work you need done and make an immediate positive contribution to your bottom-line. Therefore, the future of your business or organization depends on the quality of our educational system.

The Dare Education Foundation partners with many local businesses to promote creativity, opportunity, and professional excellence in Dare County Schools. In addition to our generous business members, several local companies have supported our "Dare to Imagine" initiative, and some have sponsored events, allowing DEF to bring nationally recognized experts in education to speak in our community. Others have hosted dinners and receptions, provided services to the Foundation, or matched employee donations.

If you are a business owner, or local professional organization member, you know that corporate social responsibility policies are driving many consumer decisions. In fact, consumers are more willing now than ever to pay a premium for a purpose. So, make education your business! Work with us to help provide Dare County students with the best education possible - one that will help prepare your future employees and help your business or organization succeed!

We would be happy to meet with you and discuss sponsorships for one of our initiatives or events, or ways that you can promote memberships and donations among your employees or within your organization. You can contact us at (252)255-5545 or via our contact form to schedule an appointment.

Also, please consider joining the Dare Education Foundation or Click here if you would like to make a designated tax-deductible gift. The Foundation will publicize to your community that you care about results.