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Dare To Leave A Legacy

Right now is the time to enjoy all that you have worked so hard to achieve, to get involved in projects you didn't have time for earlier in life and continue making a difference in your world.
You probably weighed many factors in determining what location would make a great place to call home during these years. The availability of community services, adequate health care facilities, safe neighborhoods, and the stability of the economy are just a few qualities that make a region desirable. But let's not forget one of the most important indicators of the quality of life an area enjoys - education. Great schools are one of the best indicators of a strong and vibrant community.

As you are enjoying your active adult life on the Outer Banks, you finally have some time to reminisce about your school days and how your educational experiences shaped your life. Was a solid education part of the equation that made you who you are today? Is it true what they say, that a good education lasts a lifetime?

If so, join with us to support creativity, opportunity and professional excellence in Dare County Schools by becoming a member today. Click here to become a member. You'll be helping to enhance the educational experiences of our children so they can look back with pride on the community that nurtured them, and look forward to a meaningful and active adulthood of their own. Moreover, you'll be making an investment in improving the quality of life here on the Outer Banks, yours and that of our children!

Further, if you are considering ways that you can create a legacy that leaves the world a better place than the one you were born into, we have many opportunities that can help you accomplish this goal. For information about including DEF in your will, giving stocks, bonds or real estate, or making gifts that will provide income to you during your lifetime, please contact us at (252)255-5545 or via our contact form.